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Toon Boom Launches USAnimation OPUS

Toon Boom released its latest version of USAnimation with improved features and a new name to distinguish one of the most widely used 2D animation softwares in the world. USAnimation OPUS features a new user interface for users to configure layouts to suit their own workflow preferences. Camera, Xsheet, Paint and Scene Planning functions have been merged into one Universal Stage Module. "Our next generation of vector technology allows more functionality and increases quality of the work," said Joan Vogelesang, Toom Boon Technologies' COO. "OPUS supports textured line art, enabling you to work with grayscale scans with increasing frequency to preserve the distinct line quality of your drawings. It supports also gradients in line art and color art. Additionally, updates to the vector model ensure smaller-sized files and smoother vector lines." During product preview of OPUS she said some users have told her, "it's the best thing to happen to 2D animation in 10 years." The new release has already landed Toom Boon a long-term partnership with Corus Entertainment's Nelvana Limited. USAnimation OPUS will serve as the base, which Toon Boom will customize with specific tools to meet Nelvana's digital animation production requirements. "The next big shift to more cost effective 2D animation productoin is to improve the production workflow, Vogelesang said, "and that's what this agreement is all about." Nelvana, based in Toronto, Canada is a leading integrated children's entertainment company which develops, produces, markets and distributes high quality media content and related product to children worldwide. Founded in 1994, Toon Boom Technologies, based in Montreal, Canada, offers 100% vector-based, resolution independent and 3D multi-layer software system with multi-format output to HDTV, Film, DVD, Imax and Macromedia Flash. Toon Boom Technologies' products supply the 2D animation market with digital production tools for market-leader studios such as Klasky Csupo, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Paramount, Universal, FableVision Studios and Wild Brain. For more information visit