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Toon Boom Delivers Animate to the Digital Animation Generation

Toon Boom Animation has released Toon Boom Animate, a new creative animation software packed with groundbreaking features and unprecedented productivity gains. With Toon Boom Animate, users have greater productivity, better quality and faster delivery of animation than ever before. Enjoy the flexibility of a fully-fledged in-depth animation solution and publish animation for all types of media, from online to HDTV.

Responding to digital animators' specific needs, Toon Boom Animate delivers the most advanced tools to create cut-out and digital animation. All this and more is embedded in a flexible environment: vector, bitmap, symbols, pegs, camera, morphing, inverse kinematics, advanced lip sync to name a few.

Aaron Simpson, Founder of and had this to say about Animate, "As the title suggests, Toon Boom Animate is built with one type of user in mind - the animator. The way it works simply makes sense, and it took me about as much time to learn as it did to open the box. Like many digital artists, I use a variety of software packages in my productions, and Animate has already become a mainstay in my toolbox."

Toon Boom Animate adapts to any creative habit whether users are trained in traditional or digital animation. It also supports standard formats for seamless asset transfer and multi-channel digital output.

From content creation, to animation and compositing, Toon Boom Animate is a true start-to-finish animation solution. For digital animators wanting to expand their creative possibilities, Toon Boom Animate delivers jaw-dropping features and substantial benefits throughout their entire production process.

Explore true digital animation Toon Boom Animate enables users to create tradigital and bitmap animation as well as combine both styles. Users can access advanced lip-sync and cell swapping tools to give an extra edge to their content creation process.

Enjoy an adaptable User Interface Whether users want to create artwork, set up the action or add special effects, they can customize their workspace as needed. Each tool comes with a contextual interface that will let users set their preferences in a click.

Unleash your creative style Users can refine their artwork style using multiple brush tools, textures and gradients to get a unique look and feel. Vector Art combined with bitmaps deliver a more professional looking animation.

Animate faster Symbols and pegs work in unison. Keyframing in cut-out and tradigital animation is a breeze. Easily fine tune your animation to get the result users have imagined.

Propel your animation to the next level Take a leap forward in your animation creation, thanks to morphing, advanced inverse kinematics, library building, intelligent color ID and the 15 most commonly used special effects built-in to Toon Boom Animate.

Set the action in style With its multiplane camera, Toon Boom Animate enables users to set up their scene in 3D, access a powerful Graph editor and apply accurate Ease control on their action.

Enjoy a smooth integration Toon Boom Animate can import leading file formats, including MOV, SWF, PSD, AI and PDF, as well as export to video in MOV and FLV.

Toon Boom Animate for MAC OS X on Intel based systems and for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista platforms is ready to ship now with availability through the Toon Boom Store at Valid until December 25, 2008, Toon Boom Animate is available at the launch special of US$699. Estimated street price for Toon Boom Animate is US$999.

Toon Boom Animate comes with a Personal Learning Edition and two hours of video training that will make any new user get up and animating quickly.

For more detailed information, visit www.toonboom/animate.