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Tokyopop Releases Two New Cine-Manga Based On Disney Series

Tokyopop Releases Two New Cine-Manga Based On Disney Series. U.S. manga publisher TOKYOPOP continues its relationship with Disney with the release of two new Cine-Manga series for Disney's original television series LIZZIE MCGUIRE and KIM POSSIBLE. Each will launch as part of TOKYOPOP's developing Cine-Manga family, which currently includes CARDCAPTORS and the forthcoming AKIRA. The artistic and editorial components of Cine-Manga (full-color books in storyboard format) have been described by readers as "watching a favorite movie or series come alive through the pages of a book." A growing number of manga fans are already familiar with the format, but TOKYOPOP aims to expand its appeal further, and these two new releases will definitely target a tween girl audience. LIZZIE MCGUIRE, a Disney Channel original series starring Hilary Duff and Robert Carradine, is all about the ordinary and not-so-ordinary adventures of a junior high student and her cartoon alter-ego. KIM POSSIBLE, an animated comedy/action-adventure, features a typical high school girl who happens to save the world from evil villains in her spare time. TOKYOPOP is the leading North American publisher of manga. In addition to its continuing relationship with Disney, TOKYOPOP publishes several hit properties based on popular Cartoon Network and Kids' WB! programs. TOKYOPOP titles include SAILOR MOON, GUNDAM WING, INITIAL D, REAL BOUT HIGH SCHOOL and COWBOY BEBOP.