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TOKYOPOP & Disney Expand Cine-Manga Lineup

TOKYOPOP Inc. and Disney Publishing Worldwide are teaming on a new line of Cine-Manga books. The first new Disney Cine-Manga title, LILO & STITCH, is set to debut in stores April 2004, with versions of THAT'S SO RAVEN, PRINCESS DIARIES 2, THE INCREDIBLES and THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE set to roll out throughout the year. In total, there will be more than 24 Disney Cine-Manga projects slated for release over the next three years.

"Disney's fantastic ensemble of blockbuster TV shows and feature films is a natural fit for TOKYOPOP's thriving Cine-Manga format," said TOKYOPOP's senior editor of Cine-Manga, Elizabeth Hurchalla. "We look forward to working with Disney Publishing Worldwide to further develop this exciting lineup for kids of all ages."

"We are pleased that children are embracing fresh new print formats such as Cine-Manga," said Margie Chan, director, English language learning at Disney Publishing Worldwide. "Through this new format, TOKYOPOP has managed to capture the interest of young readers."

TOKYOPOP's Cine-Manga imprint of full-color books incorporates images directly from feature films and television series, capturing the onscreen action in an animated print format. TOKYOPOP publishes Cine-Manga based on the Disney/Pixar mega-hit FINDING NEMO and successful TV shows KIM POSSIBLE and LIZZIE MCGUIRE.

TOKYOPOP Inc. is the leading North American publisher of manga, the fastest growing segment within the publishing industry. Visit

Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW) is the largest children's publisher in the world, with 274 children's magazines and 120 million children's books sold each year. DPW publishes books, magazines and continuity programs in 55 languages in 75 countries, reaching more than 100 million readers each month. Its global headquarters are in New York City.

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