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TOKYOPOP Is British Bound

TOKYOPOP, the leading manga publisher in the North America, is expanding in the U.K., establishing offices in London via a partnership with Red Route Distribution Ltd., the leading supplier of graphic novels to the British book trade and specialized retail market. TOKYOPOP and Red Route hope to tap into Britain's budding market of manga enthusiasts. The companies solidified the arrangement while sharing a joint exhibit at the London Book Fair. Over the past year, TOKYOPOP has more than doubled its revenue and increased its book trade penetration by some 300%. In a daring move for a manga publisher, TOKYOPOP introduced a line of 100% Authentic Manga, graphic novels printed right-to-left, breaking with the Japanese tradition of reading left-to-right, which was a big hit with consumers. Founded in 1996, TOKYOPOP publishes several hit properties based on popular Cartoon Network and Kids' WB! programs. TOKYOPOP titles include SAILOR MOON, GUNDAM WING, INITIAL D, REAL BOUT HIGH SCHOOL and COWBOY BEBOP. It is also publishing novels based upon Disney TV series KIM POSSIBLE and LIZZIE MCGUIRE. Visit for additional information.