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Toho Announces Details of Miyazaki's Next Film

Toho has announced that in summer 2008 it will release Hayao Miyazaki's latest feature, GAKE NO UE NO PONYO (PONYO ON A CLIFF). Studio Ghibli is of course producing.

The follow-up to his $169 million worldwide grosser HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE will follows Ponyo, a goldfish princess that wants to become human. Miyazaki will also write the original story. A five-year-boy, who befriends Ponyo in the story, is based on his grandson, who is the son of Goro Miyazaki, the director the animated feature TALES FROM EARTHSEA.

Despite a growing use of CG in recent Studio Ghibli films, PONYO will be completely hand-drawn. Studio Ghibli reported in Oct. 2006 that Miyazaki and his main staff scouted locations in Kobe, a port on Japan's Inland Sea, and that Miyazaki is using watercolors for his storyboards, instead of his traditional black and white.

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