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Toei Appoints DIC 2 Italian Licensing Broker For Love In Rock’n’Roll

Toei Animation has appointed DIC 2 as its broker to handle licensing in Italy for the TV series, Love in Rock’n’Roll.

Press Release from Toei Animation

PARIS – Toei Animation has appointed DIC 2 as its broker to handle licensing in Italy for the TV series, Love in Rock’n’Roll.

As per the agreement, DIC 2 will handle Love in Rock’n’Roll  for Italy, for merchandising rights except publishing.

With 42 episodes of 26 minutes, Love in Rock‘n‘Roll , also known with the alternative title, “Kiss me Licia” is a comedy dedicated to young adults target which was already a huge success in the 80’s in Italy!

Yakko helps at her father's restaurant during the day and goes to university in the evening. Recently, a boy is coming often to her restaurant. His name is Satomi and plays in a rock band called the Beehive. He likes Yakko a lot but can't dare tell her. One day, Yakko runs in a 5 year old boy called Hashizo and becomes friends with him. Hashizo's older brother Goh turns out to be the singer of the Beehive and Yakko likes him immediately. But Satomi declares his love for her and her heart stands on the edge between the two boys, with added trouble from her father who likes neither rock music nor musicians.

“We are very pleased to get DIC 2 as a new partner and we look forward to working with them on expanding the Love in Rock‘n’Roll property in this key region,” said Kanji Kazahaya, Managing Director of Toei Animation Europe SAS.

“We are very excited to partner Toei Animation in the relaunch of this very successful character of the ‘80s in Italy” said Douglas Mari, Managing Director of DIC 2 s.r.l.

About Toei Animation Europe SAS:With headquarters in Tokyo and sales offices in Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Toei Animation (Jasdaq: 4816) ranks amongst the world’s most prolific animation production studios. Toei Animation’s operations include animation development and production, and worldwide marketing and program licensing. Since its founding in 1956, Toei Animation has produced more than 10,000 episodes of TV series (more than 200 titles) and more than 200 long feature films as of January, 2010. Toei Animation Europe, founded in 2004 in Paris, manages the operation and distribution series produced by Toei Animation in areas of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

About DIC 2 s.r.l.:Founded in 1973, DIC 2 is one of the leading independent licensing agents in Italy. In almost 40 years in this business it has represented and represents the major European and American licensors. DIC 2 specializes in classic characters, children’s entertainment, famous brands and fine art properties.

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