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Toei Announces North American Licensing Deal For Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Toei Animation, Inc. has licensed the animated TV series, Ghost Sweeper Mikami to Sentai Holdings, LLC.

Press Release from Toei Animation, Inc.

(LOS ANGELES – August 4, 2010) -- Toei Animation, Inc. has licensed the animated TV series, Ghost Sweeper Mikami to Sentai Holdings, LLC.  Sentai has acquired Pay Television, Pay-Per-View, and DVD rights to the series’ complete forty-five episodes in North America, it was announced today by Kanji Kazahaya, President and COO.

Ghost Sweeper MikamiUrban development and crowding in Japan have deprived many spirits of their homes, causing them to haunt inhabited areas and create turmoil wherever they go. To ward them off, Mikami is a new kind of hunter, who tracks spirits and banishes them with her powers and with the help of magical amulets she always carry with her.

About Toei Animation Inc.

Toei Animation Inc. (TAI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toei Animation Co., Ltd. established in Los Angeles in 2004, looks forward to spreading the world-renowned Japanese animation studio’s extensive library and pursuing co-production projects in North and Latin America and other English-speaking territories worldwide.  With a rich catalogue of unique animated properties including such famous titles and franchises as Digimon series, Dragonball series, Sailormoon, Saint Seiya series, One Piece, Pretty Cure series and Magical DoReMi etc., Toei Animation offers children all over the world the ability to dream.  With an eye on the global market, Toei Animation is focusing its efforts in the company’s Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Los Angeles offices.  The main business operations of TAI include film licensing in all media and emerging platforms, merchandise licensing and co-productions with local establishments.  Looking ahead to the next 50 years, TAI is committed to the challenge of marrying its various assets with cutting edge technologies such as VOD, the Internet and mobile media to best deliver the company’s message of unbound dreams to this and future generations.

About Sentai Holdings, LLCSentai Holdings/Sentai Filmworks is one of the fastest-growing anime companies in North America, including hit series like Gintama, Eyeshield 21 and hit blockbuster movies like Appleseed.  Sentai Filmworks' line of Blu-Ray and DVDs are distributed on home video by Ingram Entertainment, Baker & Taylor, Section23Films and other good and fine distributors.  Digital contents are available through iTunes, Playstation Network, Netflix, Amazon and many more!

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