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Toei Animation's La Grenadiere at Japanese Film Festival

Toei Animation's property LA GRENADIERE has been selected to screen during the closing ceremony of this year's Kinotayo, the 3rd Annual Contemporary Japanese Film Festival taking place in France from November 18-25.

LA GRENADIERE was adapted from the novel by the renowned French writer Honore de Balzac.

LA GRENADIERE reflects Ga-nime, a new genre of animation that Toei launched in 2006 to celebrate the company's 50th Anniversary. The concept of Ga-nime originated from the idea of allowing artists to express their original creative worlds fully and freely through the art charm that "Ga (image/picture)" has naturally.

Respecting this concept, more than 70 paintings by Japanese artist Ken Fukazawa, beautifully brought to life and put together by Koji Fukada, director for LA GRENADIERE that tells audiences the story of a mother and child in the 19th century, coated in a music that punctuates the whole experience.