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Today's Hot Topics In Creative Planet's Discussion Forums

Do you have specific questions about how they do certain visual effects? A community member offers his advice on how to shoot background plate shots when intending to add CG elements. Hosted by Terrence "T-man" Masson, Creative Planet's Visual Effects forum is not about specific software packages, but about how to improve and educate yourself by asking questions and getting constructive and honest feedback from those who have gone before. Join the party and meet the visual effects pros.

Now in the Animation Tools And Techniques Forum: Is 2D lacking the "soul" of 3D and computer animation? Or have we just stifled the art? The animation community discusses this with host Larry Lauria. The A T & T forum is a place to share your thoughts and expertise about animation. Need help or advice? Post it in the Forum and get Larry's professional opinion.

Larry Lauria's Web site, the ,a href="">Toon Institute, is part of the AWN family. The Toon Institute offers free animation lessons and tips on character design and is visited by students and instructors from all over the world.

Other Animation/Graphics/FX forums hosted by Creative Planet include: The Animation Café; Networking, Portfolio; Career Issues for Graphic Designers; The Motion Graphics Café; and Motion Graphics Design.