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Today's Hot Topics In Creative Planet's Discussion Forums

With host Terrence "T-man" Masson, Creative Planet's

Visual Effects

forum has become a hot topic. Check out the new threads on careers in

visual effects, crash zoom shot transitions, the shrinking miniature

FX market and the use of Macs in effects houses. Join the party and

meet the visual effects pros.



Details, Details...," published in Visual Magic Magazine

in November 1999, Terrence Masson discusses the fine details that

really bring CG images alive. What sort of fine detail should you

take into account when creating visual effects shots? These rules

will help you make your imagery stand out in the crowd.

Now in the Animation

Tools And Techniques forum: new threads on the

"death of 2D animation," new tools seen at SIGGRAPH, favorite web

animation and the importance of character design. Hosted by award

winning animator and educator Larry Lauria, the A T & T (uh-oh) forum

is a place to share your thoughts and expertise about animation.

Whether you draw, paint, sculpt or dabble, animation offers an

outlet. Pick a topic, a technique or a tool and let's go!

Larry Lauria's Web site, the

Toon Institute, is part of the AWN

family. The Toon Institute offers free animation lessons and tips on

character design and is visited by students and instructors from all

over the world.

Other Animation/Graphics/FX

forums hosted by Creative Planet include:

The Animation Café; Networking, Portfolio; Career Issues for Graphic

Designers; The Motion Graphics Café; and Motion Graphics Design.