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Titmouse Releases 'Owl' Into the Wild

Animation studio Titmouse announces the public release onto iTunes of its first original animated theatrical short film, “The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl.”

Animation studio Titmouse, creators of hit Adult Swim series Black Dynamite and The Venture Brothers, is about to publicly release its first original animated theatrical short, The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl

Directed by Titmouse animator Mike Roush, who previously served as lead animator on season one of Metalocalypse, the animated short is the first release from Titmouse Shorts, a division of Titmouse Inc.

Read the synopsis, and watch the trailer, below:

Meet the Burrowing Owl. He has recently lost his mate to a large predator that is hunting in his treacherous natural habitat. How will he survive in this dangerous wilderness alone? This is a story of love lost… and survival.

The short, available for pre-order on iTunes, is available for download on April 9.

Source: Titmouse Inc

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