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Titmouse Execs Declare 'We Make Games!'

Titmouse Inc., the creative force behind METALOCALYPSE, one of Cartoon Network's highest rated Adult Swim animated-series, announced the creation of its own original game development studio, Titmouse Games.

Whether you know their name or not, you know their work. Animators at Titmouse are the masterminds behind cult favorites like AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER, AFRO SAMURAI and THE AMAZING SCREW ON HEAD.

But, it's not just couch potatoes that love them; gamers do too. Titmouse created the aggressive rock cinematics for the last four GUITAR HERO series and just finished work on the upcoming GUITAR HERO: METALLICA.

On the heels of such gaming success, the Company was able to bring Aaron Habibipour up to bat as the new creative director for Titmouse Games. An established veteran of the interactive entertainment industry, Aaron has spent the past eight years working with triple-A titles (GUITAR HERO, DARKWATCH, GUN) and winning several awards for outstanding art and innovative gameplay. He comes to Titmouse with a new arsenal of cutting-edge ideas to help drive the team's creative vision.

"Titmouse Animation is the worst kept secret in the industry, and we always felt that our super-geek cred and weirdo-but-accessible vibe would apply to the video game world," said Keith Fay, VP and creative producer for Titmouse Inc. "Aaron is a big, twisted metal-head geek, and he has the experience and the chops to bring a certain juicy deviance to the Titmouse universe."

Their first venture, which is currently under lock and key behind some door deep within the Titmouse Games lair, is the original console Action RPG, SEVEN HAUNTED SEAS. A mixture of steam-punk and graphic novel-like artwork, the game is a dark comedic tale about an undead pirate, Scurvy Pete, that returns from hell to find a dark, post-apocalyptic future where he must right all his wrongs to restore the world.

The Titmouse team plans to partner with like-minded publishers and explore options for digital distribution on future projects.

"Despite the gloomy outlook of your Earth's economy, here on planet Titmouse we have never been busier," said Titmouse Inc. Exec Producer, Chris Prynoski. "We have always been about groovy stories and unique characters, and launching Titmouse Games has allowed us to focus our tasty creativity lasers onto a whole new pleasure center of the human brain."