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Titan A.E. Touches Down On PlayStation

Based on the forthcoming release of 20th Century Fox's futuristic animated feature film, TITAN A.E., Fox Interactive announced its plans to develop the TITAN A.E. game for PlayStation. Fox Interactive is banking on the sci-fi feel of the film to translate easily to the gaming world. "We're raising the level of excitement for the film and inviting fans to embark on their own TITAN adventures through the game," said Dave Shaw, executive director of Worldwide Brand Marketing. "Titan A.E. is a perfect example of using state-of-the-art filmed animation and blending it with high-resolution computer graphics to create an interactive experience that will not only mirror, but continue the theatrical experience." The game is scheduled for a fall release and is being developed by U.K.-based Interactive Studios. The TITAN A.E. game will feature two different modes of play -- third person action/adventure and a flying game. Players will be able to choose to be one of two main characters, Cale or Akima, as they solve puzzles, pilot ships, avoid capture and use instinct to defeat the evil Drej aliens. Similar to the film, the goal of the game is to find the lost spaceship, Titan, and save the human race. TITAN A.E. the movie, featuring the voices of Matt Damon, Janeane Garofalo, Bill Pullman and John Leguizamo, comes to U.S. theatres on June 16, 2000.

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