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Tippett Studio Shows How Bill Paying Bites In Capital One Spot

The Tippett Studio has teamed with Complete Pandemonium director Steve "Spaz" Williams to create a man-eating mailbox for client Capitol One and its No-Hassle Credit Card. In "Beast," conceived by D'Arcy Advertising of New York, Tippett Studio visual effects artists created a "monster" blue mailbox that chews and spits out whole a hapless bill payer who isn't using the Capital One No-Hassle Credit Card. Under visual effects supervisors Frank Petzold and Joel Friesch, the Tippet team transformed an ordinary blue, four-legged mailbox into a monstrous, slime-dripping man-eater. All the modeling, puppet setup and animation were done in Maya and rendered using Renderman. The compositinging tool of choice was Shake. "We're thrilled to be growing our commercial group with more fun visual effects," said Jules Roman, president of Tippett Studio. "Collaborating with the creative teams at Capital One, D'Arcy and Complete Pandemonium has been a pleasure." The Capital One spot reunited Tippett Studios with director Williams and producer Clint Goldman. They had previously collaborated on Blockbuster's "Carl & Ray" campaign, which earned four 2002 Clio Awards. Additional Blockbuster spots are in production and will air later in 2002. "Beast" began airing in July 2002.