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Tippett FX Group Takes a Bite Out of The Bakery

Bakery Relight’s™ pipeline technology plays a key role in Tippett Studio’s latest VFX projects, including, Immortals and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 & 2

Press Release from The Bakery:

The Bakery ( announced that Tippett Studio has chosen Bakery Relight™ software for its FX group production pipeline. Bakery Relight is the first product from French-based 3D computer graphics company The Bakery, founded in 2007 by veteran motion picture artists and technologists Erwan Maigret and Arnauld Lamorlette. Since its debut at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas in April, Relight has swiftly garnered strong praise and support from industry insiders worldwide.

Tippett’s Digital Effects Supervisor, Scott Singer explains, “Our entire FX pipeline is based on The Bakery's advanced VFX specific tool set.  We’ve now completed several of our latest film projects using this technology, including Immortals and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, which released last November, as well as our current projects, Ted, Mirror, Mirror, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, which are scheduled for release in 2012.”

“We couldn't have completed the work we did on one of our top-secret projects without it,” says Singer. “Especially considering the small size of the crew in the FX department, the very short period of time we had to complete it, and the large amount of complexity involved. We completed the FX animation on the project - 25 shots of rigid bodies with 4 FX animators in 6 weeks.  We can now do these things because we can quickly build shot independent, data-driven automated processes and efficient interactive processes.”

“The Bakery team has been amazing in helping us to solve our pipeline architecture problems, allowing us to work more efficiently. We primarily use their advanced VFX-specific database functionality to describe assets, asset management, VFX processes, process control and farm submission. We can now work far more efficiently with data driven, reproducible results managing hugely complex processes and data.  It has become the backbone of our effects pipeline and has replaced most of the traditional Tippett pipeline for the FX Group. We can now describe any pipeline processes as a series of interchangeable and re-useable modular building blocks -- like pipeline Legos™ in a way. Thanks to The Bakery, we can now create four times as many wolves, in four times as many shots with two-thirds of the crew size and in less time, or describe the complex steps necessary to deliver raw blood data to lighting, as we did in Immortals.”

“We’re working with the Bakery on an ongoing basis now to build on the asset system to encapsulate more complex, compound asset management for future projects,” says Singer.

“We’re extremely proud to be able to collaborate at this level with a partner such as Tippett Studio,” says Bakery co-founder and CEO, Erwan Maigret, whose credits include Technical Lead on Shrek 2, Madagascar and Shrek the Third. “Tippett Studio brings an extraordinary level of knowledge and expertise to the table. This partnership is a great validation of both our technology and the work of our team.”

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