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Tiny Planets Goes To Italy And Beyond

Sesame Workshop's TINY PLANETS is in final negotiations to be aired on Italy's largest commercial broadcaster Mediatrade's channels. TINY PLANETS is a CGI animated educational comic adventure series for 3 to 5 year olds. A co-production with Pepper's Ghost Productions, the show follows Bing and Bong as they explore the worlds of their solar system such as the planets of light and color, sound, technology, stuff, self and nature through a space aged couch. "TINY PLANETS, with its 3D imagery, captivates children's imagination and motivates them to follow their natural instincts and explore their universe with a sense of wonder and fun," said the Workshop's vice president of international television distribution, Jennifer Chrein. The 65 x 5' episode series has been sold for varied broadcast rights in Australia, Canada, Pan Latin, Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, Israel and Iceland. Other key territories are currently in negotiations and the Workshop team expects to have a number of them closed by the end of the MIP TV week. Sesame Workshop is best known for such shows as the classic SESAME STREET and its popular co-production DRAGON TALES, and is a not-for-profit educational organization that has been a pioneer in making educational programming fun and engaging. Noggin, a 24-hour "thinking" channel for kids, is another one of their initiatives. Pepper's Ghost Productions, based in the U.K., is a producer of high-quality 3D CGI animation. Mediatrade has not yet set a broadcasting date.

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