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Tim Burton To Stain

Tim Burton, creator of NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, has inked a deal to

bring a series of animated shorts featuring his Stainboy character to Viewers will be able to download the charcoal-drawn

superhero's first five-minute short sometime in Spring 2000. Under the

terms of the deal, Burton will keep full artistic control over the

characters and properties. The William Morris Agency brokered the deal

which allows for the cross over to TV if the shorts become a hit on the

Web. Stainboy original appeared in Burton's collection of poems, stories

and illustrations entitled THE MELANCHOLY DEATH OF OYSTER BOY & OTHER

STORIES. In an agreement that resembles's deals with SOUTH

PARK creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and comic book icon Stan Lee,

Burton is just another artist to enjoy the freedom of owning his own

creations and broadcasting them without time restraints and ratings worries

on the Net.

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