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Tigar Hare Studios Takes TBS On A Trip Through The City

Los Angeles-based Tigar Hare Studios has delivered a character animation driven ID package for TBS Superstations new "Non-Stop Comedy Block" afternoon sitcom lineup. Working with the design group TAG, more than 90 seconds of motion graphics were choreographed with the animation of the letters T, B and S of the TBS Superstation logo. After coming to life, the three letters move through a stylized city where they encounter the stars of SEINFELD, FRIENDS, HOME IMPROVEMENT and THE DREW CAREY SHOW. The letters then finally join the word Superstation to form the logo of the network. Tigar Hare co-founder David Hare supervised the project. "We have done a number of these wildly animated station IDs before, but this one was especially fun because of the playful characters and TBS Superstation's comedy block theme." In-house animation director Neil Richmond supervised the character animation. The project was animated and rendered in discreets 3d studio Max software and is currently airing. Additional credits for Tigar Hare Studios include producer Robert Schajer and digital artists Amanda Dague, Craig Crawford, Stephen Greenberg, Aaron Weldon, Shana Koenig and Don Waters.