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THX to Demonstrate Visual EQ Technology at CES

THX Ltd. announced that it will be demonstrating a new visual equalization (EQ) technology for videogame consoles at CES. The technology was created to enhance how gamers experience the visual quality of games content played on their favorite console. Demonstrations will be available to the public at booth # 20533 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during regular exhibit hours.

After spending a considerable amount of time analyzing games systems, THX found that when used with a standard definition television, game consoles often display incorrect color levels, leading to artistic details being lost during the playback of content. To correct these inadequacies and to optimize playback, THX developed visual EQ technology to calibrate each console's performance output. This results in vivid colors, deeper blacks and a more lifelike game experience. The company is currently working with its manufacturing partners in the consumer electronics industry to further develop and bring this technology to market.

"Most console users can't experience the full impact of a game's visuals because their home entertainment systems are not capable of putting out the correct video levels," said Mark Tuffy, games system director at THX. "The THX Games EQ technology is designed to help present every detail of a game's visual presentation, ensuring that subtle details, such as shadows and textures, can be experienced exactly like the game developers intended."

THX Ltd. is discovering new ways to make the creation, delivery and presentation of digital content more efficient, more powerful and more enjoyable. Through structured certification programs and innovative technology development, THX is embedding the science of sensation in diverse entertainment venues and influential products. Today, the world's premier commercial cinemas, post-production studios and home entertainment products incorporate THX technologies and have achieved the coveted THX Certification. The company is headquartered in San Rafael, California. Its Digital Works office, offering DVD mastering and post-production services, is based in Burbank. For more information, visit or e-mail

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