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Threshold Brings Star Trek Borgs to Sin City

Threshold Digital Research Labs has wrapped production of STAR TREK: BORG INVASION 4D for Paramount Parks, part of the STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE at the Las Vegas Hilton. The multi-million dollar experience is the first RealityVision 3D production in history. Threshold and Paramount Parks, working with IBM technology, developed a new filming processes that replicates the mechanism, focus and functions of the human eye, resulting in a film that allows the audience to move through it as if they were there, mirroring exactly what the human eyes see.

"In order to replicate the way the human eye sees, we literally had to reinvent the way movies are made, from building a new camera to the live action shoot to the animation and editing process," said George Johnsen, Thresholds chief animation & technology officer and one of the films producers. "STAR TREK: BORG INVASION 4D is realistic 3D and the closest we will ever get to actually being there. This experience is much like when stereo went to surround sound. Youll never go back again."

Threshold developed several innovations for the project including the digital recording on disk, the RealityVision 3D animation and new compositing software. It worked closely with IBM to develop a rendering system powerful and fast enough to support the high data rate and complex frame information of its proprietary infinite focus digital technology. This system, which is part of IBMs Digital Content Creation Solution, allows Threshold to create images wherein the audience can view 3D in precise focus wherever they look in the frame, thus eliminating eyestrain. In addition, the new camera system was designed by Pace Technologies.

The film combines live actors, digital animation and visual effects in High Definition 3D Digital Projection. In addition, the interactive experience features simultaneously projected multiple screens including an overhead ceiling projection. The attraction features numerous sensory effects, choreographed with the 3D filmmaking as well as the first digital 3D hand held Steadicam shot.

"This movie is the next wave of entertainment and Threshold is the leader in location-based entertainment productions because we believe whats in theme parks today will be in movie theaters five years from now," said Larry Kasanoff, chairman of Threshold.

"Helping customers like Threshold take advantage of IBM technology to produce cutting edge productions ensures that viewers will be treated to the most creative entertainment experience imaginable, said Dick Anderson, gm, digital media, IBM.

Paramount Parks Michael Bartok and Charles Myers were exec producers for the film. Ty Granaroli directed. Dave Rossi, Dan Curry, Herman Zimmerman, Michael Westomore and Marvin Rush served as special consultants to the filmmakers. The attraction will open March 18, 2004 as a part of STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE at the Las Vegas Hilton.

The story follows the BORG collective, an immensely powerful group of cybernetically enhanced beings who gain knowledge and technology by absorbing other species. As visitors tour a futuristic research facility, the drones of the BORG collective attempt to capture and assimilate them using 24th century cybernetic technology.

Threshold Digital Research Labs is a digital animation and visual effects production studio. The company produces original full-length digitally animated feature films, primetime television animation, location-based entertainment, 3D and live-action visual effects. Threshold Digital Research Labs is a subsidiary of Threshold Entertainment. For more information, visit

IBM is the worlds largest information technology company. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, networking and service offerings. Additional information can be found at

Paramount Parks, a unit of VIACOM, Inc. is a leading developer and operator of world-class theme parks and location-based attractions. The company owns and operates five of theme parks in North America including: Paramount Canadas Wonderland (Toronto, Ontario, Canada); Paramounts Carowinds (Charlotte, North Carolina); Paramounts Great America (Santa Clara, California); Paramounts Kings Dominion (Richmond, Virginia); and Paramounts Kings Island (Cincinnati, Ohio). The company also developed and manages the award-winning STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE at the Las Vegas Hilton (Las Vegas, Nevada) and manages Bonfante Gardens horticultural theme park (Gilroy, California); CBS Television City at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada); and Terra Mitica theme park (Benidorm, Valencia, Spain). More information is available at

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