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Three Fan-Favorite Manga Series Get Sequels Thanks To Tokyopop

TOKYOPOP is about to publish three new manga series based on its successful fan-favorites COWBOY BEBOP, JULINE and HARLEM BEAT. One of TOKYOPOP's best sellers and regularly ranked in the BookScan top 10 graphic novel bestseller list, COWBOY BEBOP is based on the hit anime series which airs on Cartoon Network in the U.S. COWBOY BEBOP: SHOOTING STAR is an alternate telling of the TV show that contains all the same intrigue, adventure, action and noir ambiance of its onscreen counterpart. From master storyteller Narumi Kakinouchi, creator of VAMPIRE PRINCESS MIYU and JULINE, comes SHAOLIN SISTERS, the newest escapades of Julin Kenga, an only-child and heiress to a martial arts clan. Julin's life is turned upside down when an old kung-fu master hands her a magic bell and tells her she must find her two sisters. Each sister possesses a magic bell, and all three bells are being hunted by the evil King Baiwon, who plans to use their power to conquer the world. Finally, REBOUND is the dramatic sequel to HARLEM BEAT and continues the adventures of Nate Torres, a teenager who always thought of himself as a quitter until he found the world of street basketball. Nate and the Jonan High School Varsity basketball team are poised to represent Tokyo in Japan's National Basketball Championships. But as soon as they enter the tournament, the team realizes that the competition in their neighborhood pales in comparison to the kind of game the thugs and pros at the championship will give them. All three sequels are set to hit store shelves in spring 2003. Visit for additional information.