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Three Animation Show of Shows Box Sets Now on DVD

Acme Filmworks has released 18 compilations of short animated films available individually or in three box sets. Since 1998, The Animation Show of Shows has toured the world, screening the best in animated shorts. This is the first time films from the Animation Show of Shows will be available together on DVD.

Each of the 18 volumes features three films and sells for $5. The three box sets include six of those volumes and sell for $30. Fans can also purchase all three box sets for $90. The DVDs are available exclusively at and the AWN Store.

The collections are:

* Vol. 1: Jeff Fowler's GOPHER BROKE, Mark Baker's THE HILL FARM, Bill Plympton's THE FAN AND THE FLOWER

* Vol. 2: Mathew Walker's ASTRONAUTS, Chris Stenner & Heidi Wittlinger's DAS RAD, Riichiro Mashima's SKI JUMPING PAIRS

* Vol. 3: Gaelle Denis' CITY PARADISE, Marv Newland's ANIJAM, Evert de Beijer's CAR CRAZE

* Vol. 4: Mark Baker's JOLLY ROGER, Gil Alkabetz's MORIR DE AMOR, Steven Woloshen's CAMERAS TAKE FIVE

* Vol. 5: Anthony Hodgson's HILARY, Daniele Lunghini's LE FOTO DELLO SCANDALO, Virgil Widrich's FAST FILM

* Vol. 6: Francisco Ruiz & Sean McNally's A GENTLEMEN'S DUEL, John Dilworth's LIFE IN TRANSITION, Arthur de Pins' THE REVOLUTION OF THE CRABS

* Vol. 7: Sharon Colman's BADGERED, Gil Alkabetz's SWAMP, Chris Hinton's NIBBLES

* Vol. 8: Cordell Barker's STRANGE INVADERS, Borge Ring's RUN OF THE MILL, Munro Ferguson's FALING IN LOVE AGAIN

* Vol. 9: Rene Castillo's HASTA LOS HUESOS, Peter Kaboth's FALLEN, Piotr Dumala's CRIME AND PUNISHMENT

* Vol. 10: Greg Holfeld's GET IN THE CAR, Tim Miller's AUNT LUISA, Rachel Johnson's THE TOLL COLLECTOR

* Vol. 11: Chris Landreth's RYAN, Bill Plympton's EAT, Chris Hinton's FLUX

* Vol. 12: Torill Kove's MY GRANDMOTHER IRONED THE KING'S SHIRTS, Martine Chartrand's BLACK SOUL, Frodo Kuipers' SHIPWRECKED

* Vol. 13: Michael Dudok de Wit's FATHER AND DAUGHTER, Paul Driessen's 3 MISSES, Serguei Bassine's FROM THE 104TH FLOOR

* Vol. 14: Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis' WHEN THE DAY BREAKS, Stefan Fjeldmark & Karsten Kiilerich's WHEN LIFE DEPARTS, Marie Jose van der Linden's RADIO UMANAK

* Vol. 15: Michael Dudok de Wit's THE MONK AND THE FISH, Jacques Drouin's A HUNTING LESSON, Paul Driessen's 2D OR NOT 2D

* Vol. 16: David Fine & Alison Snowden's BOB'S BIRTHDAY, Pjotr Sapegin's ARIA, Joanna's Quinn's GIRL'S NIGHT OUT

* Vol. 17: Cordell Barker's THE CAT CAME BACK, Eugene Fedorenko & Rose Newlove's VILLAGE OF IDIOTS, Paul Taylor's IN THE ROUGH

* Vol. 18: Koji Yamamura's MT. HEAD, Richard Condie's THE BIG SNIT, Georges Schwizgebel's THE MAN WITHOUT A SHADOW

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