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Thrave To Transform Indie Comics Into Webtoons

Thrave has put together a team of comic book creators and animators to transform comic books into Webtoons. Some of the team includes Scott Morse, Bryan Andrews, Jim Mahfood, Brian Michael Bendis, Chynna Gluston-Major, Lawrence Marvit, Bob Camp and Mark Andrews. The creative team includes writers, directors, artists and producers with credits on REN & STIMPY, IRON GIANT, TOY STORY 2, MEN IN BLACK ANIMATED SERIES, COW & CHICKEN, A BUGS LIFE, CLERKS comic, SOULWIND, JINX, GRRL SCOUTS, BLUE MONDAY and THE SIMPSONS. "The animation will be done traditionally, to maximize the quality," said Thrave creator and director of creative development, Scott Morse. The films will initially air on the Web in 2-3-minute, weekly installments. Each film will be cut together to run approximately 80 minutes, and will eventually be released on DVD, film, video and in the theaters. Morse will also serve as the writer/producer/co-director of Thraves first feature, VOLCANIC REVOLVER. Based on Scott Morses comic book, the trailer for REVOLVER will debut at Comic-Con International on July 20-23, 2000. VirtualMagic will provide ink and paint services for the toons. Other projects in the works include APPARITION FIGHTMACHINE by Scott Morse, GRRL SCOUTS by Jim Mahfood, JINX by Brian Michael Bendis, BLUE MONDAY by Chynna Clugston-Major, CUPIDS by Lawrence Marvit and SEAT OF LIFE by Reid Gershbein. "Thraves content appeals to 16-35 year olds that are interested in complex interpersonal relationships, modern-day personal and professional issues, cutting edge cultural experiences and progressive lifestyles," said Reid Gershbein, president/CEO/founder of Thrave. "This material provides advertisers with an effective delivery system for reaching a highly sought-after demographic."

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