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THQ And Nickelodeon Announce 2003 Product Lineup

THQ Inc., the exclusive videogame publisher and master interactive licensee of Nickelodeon's animated television and movie properties, will be offering a slew of games in 2003 based on some of Nick's most highly rated series. New games based on SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS, ROCKET POWER and JIMMY NEUTRON, as well as an interactive adaptation of Nickelodeon's upcoming theatrical release RUGRATS GO WILD, are in the pipeline, along with the companies' first original videogame franchise, TAK AND THE POWER OF JUJU, which will debut in fall 2003. The videogame follows Tak, a shaman's apprentice, who must retrieve Moonstones stolen by an evil Juju-man named Tlaloc. Using his wits, his environment and the power of the Juju gods to defeat Tlaloc, Tak's goal is to restore the Moon Juju's powers. The game will be available for PlayStation 2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance in fall 2003. A television series based on the videogame storyline is currently in development.