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Thor Coming To The Big Screen In 2010

The Ice Man Cometh - back. This time in the shape of THOR and the ancient Nordic Gods in a new animated feature film set to burst onto the big screen in late 2010.

THOR, developed by CAOZ, an animation company from Iceland, will now join forces in a co-production with Magma Films of Ireland and their subsidiary Ulysses Films of Germany.

CAOZ is best known for their acclaimed ANNA AND THE MOODS film, which features the voices of Bjork, Terry Jones and Damon Albarn and is an EDDA and Pulcinella Award winner.

Magma and Ulysses' most recent animated feature NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS, co- produced with Animaker in Finland and AFilm of Denmark, has already sold to more than 100 countries including the U.S. It is due to be released later this year.

THOR, 800 hundred years in development and with the aid of state of the art CG technology, was born from the rich source of the Nordic sagas and has been adapted for a modern audience as an action-adventure comedy.

The film tells of the young Thor and his coming of age as the super hero god of the human world and protector of Asgard -- the City of the Gods. In a story packed with fantastic creatures, vicious giants and evil forces we will be re-introduced to many of the gods and goddesses from the old sagas. Thor is forced to choose between his ultimate dream to save his father's kingdom and fulfill his destiny as a god, or save the life of his friend.