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Think Corp. Starting Animation Fund

Japanese animation firm Think Corp. has set up a limited liability partnership fund to raise money for animation production and equity finance, reports VARIETY. The Y2 billion ($17 million) fund will hold an investment period of seven to nine years. Think will put in $854,700 with the Japanese government pitching in $8.54 million and the rest coming from private investors.

Think producer Keisuke Inoue was quoted as saying, "Most funds of this type invest in projects only. We believe that by investing in both animation productions and promising small animation studios we can better spread the risks, while increasing the opportunities for profitable synergies."

Think formed in 1988 as an event promotion company, eventually expanding into Web design, animation production, copyright management, software development and business investment.

Last year, Think began Anime Innovation Tokyo, which collected money from private investors and the Tokyo government to produce half-hour animation pilots from aspiring filmmakers. Seven of these pilots debuted at the Tokyo Anime Fair this February. A total of 20 are set to debut by spring 2008.

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