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TheThreshold.Com Possesses Hellraiser Gaming Rights

Santa Monica Internet entertainment site has acquired the online game rights to the HELLRAISER franchise originally created by Clive Barker. HELLRAISER: HELL ONLINE will be the first game produced from the deal and will be available at or directly through The game challenges players to solve the Lament Configuration, the puzzle box that opens a gateway to Hell. The game starts as a simple puzzle that gamers must solve each time they visit the Website. Solving the puzzle is the first step in the complex game. "Hellraiser is one of the best-known entertainment brands in the world!" said Larry Kasanoff, chairman and CEO of Threshold Entertainment and "We're proud to further the development of the franchise with the first ever online game." Eric Gardner, CEO of Panacea Entertainment who brokered the deal, said, "Hellraiser is the quintessential online property both demographically and conceptually, and via Larry Kasanoff has provided us with the ideal virtual theater."

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