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Thequality.Com Uses B3d To Create Multilingual Movie, an interactive media production company that creates cross-cultural entertainment, has announced the launch of Europe's first multilingual online 3D movie. Launched on June 25, 2001, HORSES FOR COURSES went live in English, French and Spanish. The fractured fairy-tale has a mythical creature coming face-to-face with the modern world. The film was written in-house and produced using Brilliant Digital Entertainment's streaming 3d animation format, b3d. Kevin Bermeister, president of Brilliant Digital Entertainment said, "We are very pleased that has chosen to use b3d authoring tools to produce HORSES FOR COURSES. is one of Brilliant Digital Entertainment's key European development partners. It is great to see our partners hosting a large-scale launch of such groundbreaking content. I am sure it will be a huge success." Michela Ledwidge, managing director of said, "We are using HORSES FOR COURSES to demonstrate commercial potential in a less conventional framework. The European launch of HORSES FOR COURSES is an important milestone in bringing movies one-step closer to the desktop. Dramatic and cross-cultural possibilities are more viable than ever before. We are designing content that radically reduces download time due to file sizes that are significantly smaller than that of video or animated 2D movies."

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