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Thayer’s Quest to Debut on DVD & CD-ROM

Originally released in the arcades in 1984, THAYERS QUEST is about to be released on DVD and CD-ROM by Digital Leisure. Designed for the arcade scene by Rick Dyer, the creator of DRAGONS LAIR, THAYERS QUEST was a game that gave players more choice and allowed each player to have a unique gaming experience.

For fans of classic 2D animation games like DRAGONS LAIR and SPACE ACE this is a must-have for their videogame library, said Elizabeth Foster, president of Digital Leisure. THAYERS QUEST includes all the excitement of the original arcade game, but with all new remastered audio and video that highlights the classic 2D animation.

Players control the actions of Thayer as he makes his way through the five enchanted kingdoms. The game allows players to choose many different directions in the game, but using the wrong spell or giving up the wrong item could be the last move a gamer makes.

Re-developed by Digital Leisure Inc., THAYERS QUEST will be available at EB Games and other videogame retailers.

Digital Leisure is a leading publisher of interactive DVD and CD games including the classic DRAGON'S LAIR line and the American Laser Games series of shooting games. Based outside Toronto, Canada, Digital Leisure acquires licenses to classic video-based titles and provides distribution services for both its own products and third party publishers. For more information, visit

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