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th1ng Creates Launch Spot for

Creature taps th1ng to create a CGI launch spot for

Start-up agency Creature hired th1ng to create a 3D CGI character led commercial for The ad centers on two friends, "Turtley" and "Monkey" on their quest to find a credit card comparison site. Monkey's enthusiasm is tempered by Turtley's long suffering friendship and knowing advice.

The comedy centres on Monkey's conversation with Turtley as they try to find the site, whilst all the time a huge sign is behind them with all the information they need.

The ad is intended as the first of a series for – featuring the two friends on their eternal quest.

Creature worked with th1ng to develop and design the characters from pencil sketches to full 3D CGI.

The commercial was directed and designed by th1ng's Andy Powell, produced by Ru Warner and created in CGI Maya software.  Andy brought his great experience of character animation (including Tom and Jerry and The Flintstones ) to this piece.

Andy adds, “Defining Monkey and Turtley's different characters and personality traits was the really fun part of this brief for me. We also had great input from the creatives at Creature and  I think we got it just right! Technically the hardest part was getting the fur on Monkey correct and in style : th1ng had help here from their VFX team at Fido , using Maya fur rendered in Renderman.”

The ad was edited and composited in house at th1ng's Wardour street studios.

Source: Creature

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