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TGS Announces Amapi 3D V.5

Template Graphics Software (TGS) recently announced that its modeling and

animation software Amapi, was receiving an upgrade. The new release will be

'officially' announced at the Mac World Expo in January, however, the new

version is available now. It features Dynamic Geometry, which allows users

to edit an object dynamically by changing its outline, profile or basic

structure, through the software's ability to remember the construction

history of the object. The upgrade also has a new Decimation tool, which

reduces the density of complex meshes while preserving their key data

points and polygons, allowing game designers to control the density of

their meshes dynamically. Other additions include new Deformation Tools,

new Filleting Tools, new Display Modes and a new 3D Text tool which

displays edited text in real-time. But Amapi 5's most exciting addition is

probably TGS' ZAP technology. ZAP is a revolutionary technology which makes

it possible to publish your animated 3D creations on a Web site at

interactive speed. With this new technology, models, textures and animation

can be reduced to a few kilobytes making transfer over the web lightning

fast. An extremely compact 3D player, which is freely distributed by TGS,

reconstructs the full geometry on the client machine and animates objects

in real-time. The new version is available now from TGS at a price of

US$399 dollars.

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