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TFI & Sparking Toon Ready For MIP

French broadcaster FR1 and CGI animation producer Sparkling are showing their first episode of ZOÉ KÉZAKO (26x13). The 3D animated series is based on books of the same name written by Véronique Säuquère. The show, directed by Serge Elissade, revolves around the adventures of seven-year-old girl and her friends. Zoé loves to speak her mind about annoying things that others would choose to ignore, then learns how to transform the negative into a positive. TF1 greenlit the series last October following a presentation at Cartoon Forum. Headed by producer Corinne Kouper, Sparkling was launched in 2000 as part of animation facility Sparx (, which was founded five years earlier in Paris. Sparx and Sparkling have built a reputation for 3D animation, producing series ROLIE POLIE OLIE, BOB & SCOTT, MELDU and YOURI THE SPACEMAN. The CG is given a 2D rendering with a 3D process to keep the look faithful to Saüquère's original drawings. "I have always imagined Zoé as a cartoon and I was curious about 3D," said Säuquère. " With Sparx, they are adapting themselves to my drawings and not the reverse. They are artists and are careful with my work." Säuquère, who is writing the series continued, "Every comment they give me makes me grow."