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Terminator Salvation on Blu-ray and DVD, Gremlins on Blu-ray, Plus More




* Visual effects by ILM

* Read our feature article on the visual effects work that went into the film

Editor's note: The high-contrast, bleak visual design looks stunning on Blu-ray and the bleak grayness is sharp and fully detailed. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 audio track fills the surround system effectively with explosions and gunfire. Director's cut is only a mere three minutes longer, including a little more violence and nudity. Maximum Movie Mode, first implemented on the WATCHMEN Blu-ray, is Warner's unique director's show and tell, with McG standing between two screens and discussing behind-the-scenes footage and the final version.

Press Release from Warner Home Video

Burbank, CA (September 22, 2009) – Witness the battle between man and machine in the gritty action epic as TERMINATOR SALVATION blasts its way onto Blu-ray and DVD on December 1st from Warner Home Video.  The newest installment in the adrenaline-fueled hit Terminator franchise stars Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) as John Connor, leader of the human resistance in a post-Judgment Day world ravaged by deadly Terminators.

The TERMINATOR SALVATION 2-Disc Blu-ray includes both the theatrical version (PG-13) and the Director’s Cut (Rated R) with explosive additional footage not shown in theaters.  Packed with over 2 hours of spectacular bonus, the Blu-ray version features the immersive Maximum Movie Mode, an interactive viewer experience where the entire film is examined using “Walk-On” technology that enables viewers to see Director McG deconstruct key moments from the film. Also included is over 40 minutes of Picture In Picture (PiP) commentary with cast and crew, 11 mini featurette focus points, storyboard comparisons, still galleries, and a Terminator mythology timeline.  Additionally, the Blu-ray contains Re-Forging the Future, a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s production, and The Moto-Terminator, a featurette revealing how the film’s visual effects crew and motorcycle manufacturer Ducati partnered to create the slick and deadly Moto-Terminators.  The Blu-ray will also include a theatrical version of the film available on a Digital Copy disc.

Additional content available via BD-Live includes a compilation of 10 viral videos from the alternate reality game “Resist or Be Terminated” revealing SKYNET’s secret plans, the first episode of TERMINATOR SALVATION MACHINIMA Series, and a digital version of Issue #1 of the Terminator Salvation official movie prequel comic.  Plus, viewers can organize Live Community Screenings, and record their own commentaries using the “My Commentary” BD-Live feature.

Priced to own at an SRP of $35.99 (Blu-ray) and $28.98 (DVD), TERMINATOR SALVATION is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the hit Terminator series sci-fi action fans won’t want to miss.

TERMINATOR SALVATION was directed by acclaimed director McG (CHARLIE’S ANGELS 1 & 2). Joining Christian Bale in the visually breathtaking fight to save the human race is an all-star cast that includes newcomer Sam Worthington (James Cameron’s AVATAR), who was cast in the critical role of “Marcus Wright” after a personal recommendation from James Cameron, Bryce Dallas Howard (THE VILLAGE), famed hip-hop star Common (WANTED), rising young star Anton Yelchin (STAR TREK) and Helena Bonham Carter (HARRY POTTER).

TERMINATOR SALVATION was produced by Moritz Borman (TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES), Derek Anderson (After the Wedding), Victor Kubicek (AFTER THE WEDDING) and Jeffrey Silver (300). It was co-written by the writing team of John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris (TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES, THE GAME). The film also co-stars Jane Alexander (THE RING), Moon Bloodgood (WHAT JUST HAPPENED?) and Michael Ironside (TOTAL RECALL). The film was released by Warner Bros. Pictures and has a run time of approximately 115 minutes.  The theatrical version of the film has been rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action and language.  The Director’s Cut has been rated R for some violence and brief nudity.

The Blu-ray Disc version of TERMINATOR SALVATION is BD-Live™ enabled, allowing users to get connected and go beyond the disc via an Internet-connected Blu-ray player. Download content, give feedback through an exclusive survey, and register for rewards.


In the aftermath of Judgment Day and the takeover by the machines, John Connor (Christian Bale, The Dark Knight), the destined leader of the human resistance, must counter Skynet’s devastating plan to terminate mankind.  As Connor rallies his underground street fighters for a last, desperate battle, he realizes that to save the future he must rescue his own father Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin, Star Trek).  But the most shocking discovery comes with the arrival of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington, Avatar), a mysterious loner from the past who challenges Connor with an impossible choice that will determine the future of the human race – leading them both on a brutal journey into the very heart of the enemy.


SD Content:

* Theatrical Version of the Film:

Exclusive to Blu-ray Content:

* Two Versions of the Film:

* Theatrical Cut (Rated PG-13)

* Director’s Cut (Rated R) – Includes explosive new footage not seen in theaters.

* Maximum Movie Mode featuring Director McG deconstructing the film’s key moments, 11 mini featurette focus points, over 40 minutes of Picture (PiP) commentary with cast and crew interviews, storyboard comparisons, still galleries, Terminator mythology timeline and more.

* “The Moto-Terminator” - See how the Terminator Salvation visual effects crew and Ducati partnered to create the slick and deadly Moto-Terminator!

* “Re-Forging the Future” – Go behind the scenes of Terminator Salvation with an exclusive set tour.

BD LIVE Content Includes:

* Compilation of 10 viral videos from the “Resist or Be Terminated” alternate reality game revealing SKYNET’s secret plans.

* The first episode of TERMINATOR SALVATION MACHINIMA Series

* Digital version of Issue #1 of the Terminator Salvation official movie prequel comic.

* Digital Copy on Disc

* Theatrical version of the film


* Read our feature article on the visual effects work that went into the film

Press Release from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, CA. – (September 21, 2009) - When the lights go off the battle is on! A delightful adventure, Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian arrives in a Blu-ray Disc/DVD Combo Pack (Blu-ray, DVD and a Digital Copy*) and for a limited time only a “Monkey Mischief” double DVD on December 1 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Blu-ray value pack includes a high definition version of the film with over an hour of laugh-out-loud special features – including an interactive museum scavenger hunt game, gag reel, 12 deleted scenes with an alternate ending and featurettes including “Cherub Bootcamp,” and “Phinding Pharaoh With Hank Azaria.” The pack also includes a Digital Copy and a standard DVD of the film and will be available for the gift-giving price of $39.99 U.S. / $49.99 Canada.

History is larger than life — and twice as funny — in this monumental comedy sequel. Ben Stiller (Meet The Parents, There’s Something About Mary) stars as Larry Daley, a former night watchman at the Museum of Natural History, where the exhibits come alive after dark. But now Larry’s nocturnal friends are being retired to the archives of the Smithsonian Institution, luring him back for a hilarious, all-out battle against a cranky Egyptian Pharaoh who plans to take over the museum... and the world! From returning director Shawn Levy (Cheaper By The Dozen), the film also stars Amy Adams (Enchanted), Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting), Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers), Hank Azaria (“The Simpsons”), Ricky Gervais (“The Office”), Steve Coogan (Tropic Thunder) and Jonah Hill (Super Bad).

A “Monkey Mischief Edition,” featuring even more laughs, will include a second disc with over 30 minutes of entertainment complimenting the bonus materials featured on the first disc, such as cast and crew commentary, six deleted scenes with an alternate ending, a gag reel, and more.

The Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Blu-ray value pack is available for the gift-giving price of $39.99 U.S. / $49.99 Canada. The holiday two-pack “Monkey Mischief Edition” DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $34.98 U.S. / $45.98 Canada. Additionally, a single disc DVD featuring some of the bonus features from “Monkey Mischief Edition” (details below) will be available for the suggested retail price of $29.98 U.S. / $43.48 Canada.

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Special Features: (Catalog # 2262600)

Disc One

* Night At The Museum: Battle of the SmithsonianBlu-ray

* Historical Confessions: Famous Last Words

* Gag Reel

* Secret Doors and Scientists

* 12 Deleted Scenes Including Alternate Ending

* Cavemen Conversations: Survival of the Wittiest

* Curators of Comedy: Behind The Scenes With Ben Stiller

* Museum Magic: Entering The World Of The Photograph

* Museum Scavenger Hunt Game

* Director 201 With Shawn Levy

* Cherub Bootcamp

* Gangster Levy

* Phinding Pharaoh With Hank Azaria 

* Audio Commentaries With Filmmakers

* Monkey Mischief Featurettes

* FOX Movie Channel Presents Featurettes

Disc Two

* Digital Copy of Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Disc Three

* Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian widescreen feature film (2.40:1 aspect ratio)

Limited Edition “Monkey Mischief” Double DVD Special Features: (Catalog # 2262598)

Disc One

* Gag Reel

* Six Deleted Scenes, Including Alternate Ending  

* Curators of Comedy: Behind the Scenes with Ben Stiller

* Phinding Pharaoh With Hank Azaria

* Cherub Bootcamp

* Audio Commentaries with Filmmakers

Disc Two

* Night At The Museum Monkey Mischief bonus disc

* The Secret Life of a Monkey Movie Star: Life Off Camera

* Show Me The Monkey featurette

* Monkey Slap Game

* Monkey Business

* Abel and Dexter’s Flights Of Fancy

* Primate Prima Donnas

Single Disc DVD Special Features: (Catalog # 2262588)

Special features include everything on “Disc One” of “Monkey Mischief Edition” above.

Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Street Date: December 1, 2009

Prebook Date: November 4, 2009

Screen Format: Widescreen - 2.40:1 (All)

Audio: English 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio/5.1 Dolby Digital in Spanish/French (BD)

English 5.1 Dolby Surround, Spanish/French Dolby Surround (Standard)

Subtitles English, French and Spanish (All)

U.S. Rating: PG

Total Run Time: 105 minutes

Closed Captioned: Yes

*A Digital Copy of the film can be transferred to any portable media device

BEN 10: ALIEN SWARM on Blu-ray and DVD

Synopsis via Cartoon Network:

THE ALIEN SWARM IS UPON US! Our world is threatened with an imminent invasion from a swarming alien menace. And there is only one hero brave enough, smart enough and tough enough to fight back - Ben Tennyson! But when Ben teams up with an outsider, he breaks rank with Gwen, Kevin and Max and risks losing against the toughest enemy he has ever faced. The stakes are high and the action is intense as Ben fights to protect our planet from the Alien Swarm!

This live-action/CGI movie is the sequal to Ben 10: Race Against Time.

Ben 10: Alien Swarm follows teenage hero Ben Tennyson as he breaks ranks from The Plumbers to help Elena, a mysterious young woman and long-time friend, find her father. While searching for her father they uncover a plot for alien invaders to take over the earth.

Cousin Gwen and one time enemy Kevin E Levin, who have their own special powers, have teamed up with Ben to save the world once again.

GREMLINS on Blu-ray

Gremlins is a wildly original roller-coaster ride of hilarious mischief. One minute your hair will stand on end, the next you'll hold your sides with laughter at the havoc these supposedly gentle furballs create when the rules surrounding their care and feeding are inadvertently broken one fateful Christmas. Written by Chris Columbus and directed by Joe Dante, Gremlins unleashes special effects that dazzle and enchant and merriment that lingers in the memory. And isn't that "what superior popular moviemaking is all about" - (Richard Corliss, Time).

Nearly 1 million DVD units in sales life-to-date!

The 25th anniversary of a family favorite adventure, directed by creative genius Steven Spielberg.

Over 10 Minutes of Additional Scenes.

Making-of Featurette.

2 Commentaries:

Director Joe Dante, Phoebe Cates, Zach Galligan, Dick Miller and Howie Mandel.

Director Joe Dante, Producer Michael Finnell and Special Effects Artist Chris Walas.

Photo/Storyboard Gallery.

Includes rainbow foil O-sleeve packaging.


Press Release from Disney

BURBANK, Calif., June 26, 2009 – This Yuletide season, Mickey and the Clubhouse Gang hop aboard the Clubhouse Choo Choo Train for a holiday-filled adventure when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Choo Choo Express comes to Disney DVD on December 1, 2009. This animated feature includes lively original music including a new song by the kid-friendly alt-rock band, They Might Be Giants; delightful bonus episode, Mickey’s Big Job and an interactive experience with three enjoyable ways to watch the movie. 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo Choo Express stars the Fab Five: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy. While Professor Von Drake goes to the top of Mistletoe Mountain to create snow that never melts, the gang put together his old Clubhouse Choo Choo train. They use the train to help the professor carry back loads of his special non-melting snow so that they can build snowmen and make snow angels in the middle of summer. Mickey invites more friends to the Easy Freezy Snow Party so they can all join in on the fun. In order to get everyone out to the clubhouse, they adhere to a train schedule where different folks, including Santa and Ms. Claus, are picked up along the way at designated times. When Mickey and friends all make it back just in time for the party, Professor Von Drake presents them a gift – a golden car train – in appreciation for picking up everyone on the Clubhouse Choo Choo train.


Bonus Episode

Mickey’s Big Job Willie the Giant is off to visit his Mama. Before he leaves he asks Mickey and his pals to house-sit his farm. The gang is eager to help, but Willie's "little list" of chores turns out to be a big hassle considering how small they are in the giant's home. With a big "can do" spirit, the Clubhouse gang set about the chores and all the jobs get done in time earning a mammoth thank you from Willie when he gets home.

* “Mickey’s Big Job includes 3 fun ways to watch and play using your remote control”

1. Fastplay mode – enjoy the movie without using your remote

2. Adventure mode 1 (ages 2-3) – as you watch the movie, use your remote to answer fun questions about colors, shapes and sizes.

3. Adventure mode 2 (ages 4-5) – move to a higher level with more challenging questions using your remote.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo Choo Express is available for U.S. $26.99 (SRP), Canada $29.99 (SRP) from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

STREET DATE: December 1, 2009

Direct prebook: October 6, 2009

Distributor prebook: October 20, 2009

Suggested retail price: $26.99 US; $29.99 Canada

Rated: US: TV-Y, Canada: G

Run time: Approximately 45 minutes

DVD aspect ratio: Widescreen 1:78:1

Sound: Dolby Digital Sound

Language: English, Spanish, French

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, a recognized leader in the home entertainment industry, is the marketing, sales and distribution company for Walt Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax and Buena Vista product, which includes DVD, Blu-ray Disc and electronic distribution. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is a division of Disney Enterprises, Inc.