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TERMINATOR 2: 3D has arrived

Universal Studios Hollywood's TERMINATOR 2: 3D attraction recreates the dark foreboding futuristic world of the Terminator films in a twelve minute long 3-D film. The attraction is a sequel of sorts to James Cameron's TERMINATOR 2, a multi-sensory "virtual adventure." Up to 700 guests at a time can experience TERMINATOR 2: 3D, which is projected by six 70mm Iwerks projectors onto three 23' by 50' screens. This all-new Terminator adventure features the original TERMINATOR 2 cast including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, and Robert Patrick. Starting in the present, the story sends the Schwarzenegger Terminator and John Connor (Edward Furlong) into the Los Angeles of 2029, a world policed by cyborgs controlled by Skynet, a sentient corporate computer. Their mission: destroy Skynet. But before they can do that, they must fight Skynet's army of killing machines, including the all-new T-1,000,000 or T-Meg. TERMINATOR 2: 3D was produced by Digital Domain, Inc., the Venice, California-based digital production house owned by James Cameron, Stan Winston, Scott Ross, IBM, and Cox Enterprises (a media conglomerate). Cameron, Winston, and John Bruno share the film's directorial credit, with Cameron providing the overall vision and direction for the actors. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD is located between Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley in California, USA, off the Hollywood Freeway (101) at either Universal Center Drive or Lankershim Boulevard exits.