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Telescreen Buys Worldwide Rights to Pinkeltje

Dutch brand management and media company Telescreen has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights of PINKELTJE. The deal excludes the original books, as owned by copyright holder Unieboek Publishers in The Netherlands. The deal was made between Telescreen and the shareholders of the former rights holder Deja Vu BV during MIPTV in Cannes. Telescreen acquired 100 percent. of the shares.

PINKELTJE is a fictional character in the size of a human little finger, who has a white beard, wears a blue pointy hat, blue pants and a red shirt. He appeared in 29 books by award-winning Dutch author Dick Laan (1894-1973) and in one movie in 1978. In his home market, The Netherlands, PINKELTJE enjoys a brand awareness of almost 100 percent.

Since the first publication in 1939, more than 4.5 million copies of the PINKELTJE books have been sold worldwide and the character is admired beyond the Dutch borders. Pinkeltje is known as Punkelchen in Germany, Petitou in France, Fingerling in the U.K., Prik in Denmark, Knott in Norway, Vickevire in Sweden, Vikke Vakkaran in Finland, Tritils in Iceland and Pequenu in Portugal.

PINKELTJE can talk to all animals, is adventurous, is always ready to lend a hand, travels a lot, solves mysteries and often ends up in a situation where he might be discovered by humans, his biggest threat.

Telescreen is currently working on the worldwide brand exploitation program for PINKELTJE, with Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia being the key markets. Telescreen's plans include the development of an adventurous family entertainment feature film starring Pinkeltje, combining life action and animation.