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Telefilm Canada Reorganizes Management Structure

Telefilm Canada has made a number of changes to its management structure to reflect its commitment to an asymmetrical approach to the film and television industries, based on the particular characteristics and levels of maturity of the English- and French-language markets; to its efforts to increase the synergy between core programs and international activities to ensure Canadas competitiveness in the global market; and to offer improved client service through closer ties with the industry. Telefilm funds the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

The most significant changes concern operations, now divided into three components: English-language Operations, French-language Operations and International. To reflect the asymmetrical nature of Telefilms investment policies, Canadian operations will be comprised of two language groups: one for English projects, to be headed by Karen Franklin, and another for French projects, to be headed by Michel Pradier, who will also continue to serve as director of the Quebec office.

Earl Hong Tai, John Galway and Ralph Holt will continue as directors, respectively, of the Western, Ontario/Nunavut and Atlantic regional offices. They will also serve as sector heads for, correspondingly, English-language new media, television and feature film.

Telefilms international activities are expanding to encourage and facilitate financial deals with foreign partners. Danny Chalifour will serve as director of International Operations and Development.

Weve accomplished a great deal already, at all levels of the organization, said Richard Stursberg, Telefilm's exec director. And thanks to the professionalism, hard work and dedication of our employees, the corporation has changed. Weve become more efficient, more consistent in our decision making and more transparent.

Some divisions have been reorganized to ensure that decision-making powers are distributed more widely within the organizational structure, more efficient performance and to better reflect the corporations national standards:

Policy, Planning and Research, formerly known as the Media group, will be headed by Elizabeth Friesen.

The Finance and Administration division will now be headed by Carolle Brabant.

Legal Services will continue to be under the management of Stéphane Odesse, general counsel to the Corporation.

Human Resources will continue to be under the direction of Stella Riggi.

Finally, as recently announced, the Communications and Public Affairs division will now be led by Jean-Claude Mahé.

Telefilm Canada (www is a federal cultural agency dedicated to the development and promotion of the Canadian film, television, new media and music industries. With the objective of building larger audiences for Canadian cultural products, the Corporation acts as a partner to the private sector through investments in diverse productions with wide appeal.