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TechTV Announces Anime Unleashed

TechTV, a cable network dedicated to all things technology, recently launched ANIME UNLEASHED, a program block devoted to screening anime feature films and series, some never before seen on television in the U.S. ANIME UNLEASHED premiered December 30, 2002 with the series debut of CREST OF STARS, which follows a human boy whose life changes forever when an alien race invades his home planet, and currently airs nightly at 1:00 am EST. "ANIME UNLEASHED is a natural extension to our programming mix," said Greg Brannan, senior vice president of programming and production for TechTV. "The demand for this provocative programming is quite high, and we wanted to expand TechTV's breadth of lifestyle-entertainment programming. Adding Japanese animation is a perfect stepping stone for what is to come in the future." Upcoming films include ARMITAGE III: POLY-MATRIX, a feature film in the continuing adventures of Martian cop Naomi Armitage and series such as SERIAL EXPERIMENT LAIN and DUAL! PARALLEL TROUBLE ADVENTURE. ANIME UNLEASHED joins TechTV's diverse programming line-up, which includes the '60s cult series THUNDERBIRDS, the '80s cyberpunk series MAX HEADROOM and EYE DROPS, a weekly series that showcases computer-generated animated short films. TechTV accepts submissions for this series and information can be found at