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Taylor James Creates Urban Angel Seasonal Cinemagraph

Taylor James creates an integrated campaign including a sizzling cinemagraph which offers an enchanting distraction from the cold dark nights.

London, UK -- Taylor James’ London studio has created a bespoke interactive treat for everyone to enjoy this winter – the integrated campaign includes a sizzling cinemagraph and offers an enchanting distraction from the cold dark nights. Created by the team at TJ from concept to magical delivery and run across print, interactive and digital.

The studio has sprinkled creativity over a seamless blend of their own live-action, photography, CGI and creative retouching to wish you a truly magical experience. Cinemagraphs are rising in popularity as a way of adding elements of repeated motion to a ‘photograph’, allowing the viewer to be immersed into a moment, whilst maintaining manageable file sizes necessitated by many digital advertising platforms. This method can bring subtle life to imagery and be a cornerstone of truly integrated marketing.

Creative Lead, Ed Taylor, describes the concept “to capture the magical feeling of fresh snow tumbling silently to earth in the dead of night, as the last festive partygoers make their way home. Our urban angel character brings glamour and theatrical charm, her flowing cloak in striking contrast to the Georgian Terrace in the background. She’s riding, of course, a brightly coloured single-speed bike, as currently found tied to every lamppost here in London’s creative and technical hub, Shoreditch.”

The final result encompasses an 8,000 pixel image for press and greetings cards, which can be explored in great detail interactively on their website, plus two cinemagraphs to exemplify the beauty that can come from elements of isolated motion. You can explore the glistening motion and the depth and detail of the high-quality 8,000 pixel wide still online. Plus, check out the 'behind the scenes' to see exactly how the campaign was put together from concept art to live-action and CGI integration.

Source: Taylor James