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Talks Begin on Produce New Futurama Episodes

FUTURAMA producers are in talks with 20th Century Fox TV to bring back the animated series from SIMPSONS creator Matt Groening and SIMPSONS vet David X. Cohen, reports VARIETY. The studio declined to comment on the negotiations, but it is said that the initial order would be limited and the episodes would not necessarily air on Fox, where the final new episode aired in Aug. 2003.

Much like FAMILY GUY, the resurrection of FUTURAMA is being spurred by solid DVD sales and continued high ratings for the reruns on Cartoon Network. The reruns are so popular that Comedy Central snatched away the off-net rights for the series starting in 2008.

The series had a strange life on Fox. Despite three Emmy wins, including Best Animated Series in 2002, the program had short seasons, late launches and long gaps between airings. Even though the series was on the air for five seasons, only four seasons were produced.

The show debuted in March 1999 and followed the exploits of Fry, a pizza delivery guy who is accidentally frozen for 1,000 years. Once awoken, he befriends cyclops Leela and cranky robot Bender all of whom work for the intergalactic delivery service run by Fry's distantly descended nephew, Prof. Farnsworth. Since the cancellation of the TV series, new FUTURAMA stories have continued in comicbook form via Groening's Bongo Comics.

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