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Talent Nework Sets Up Shop on the Web

A new creative talent network for 2D and 3D artists has hung its shingle on the worldwide Web, The Creative Talent Network (CTN), the first online portfolio community for the film, game and video industries.

With large film studios downsizing in 2001, combined with the increasing amount of outsourcing in the film industry, it became obvious to the founders of The Creative Talent Network that an online community was the next environment where these and other professionals could work and stay connected, said Tina Price, one of the founders.

The network offers a virtual community of experienced industry animators, designers, production artists and other creatives to come together to market their talents, pursue common goals, share their experience, connect with other professionals worldwide, as well as make it easier for clients to connect with them.

CTN claims producers wont have to wait for portfolios to come through the mail and artists wont need to lose touch with co-workers or be limited by their geographic location.

Employers and indies looking for help are invited to view portfolios right now at no cost to locate the best talent for a project.

Artists with three feature film credits or more are invited to join for a $50 fee for the first year.

Founded by 25-year industry professional Price. CTN ( is a virtual studio that supports the print, game, film and video industries and the individuals in those industries. Check out the Website or e-mail