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Take A Wild Ride With World's Greatest Coasters

Now you can experience some of the world's greatest roller coasters without ever leaving your home. Global Star Software, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive will soon be releasing a new roller coaster simulator for the PC platform, WORLD'S GREATEST COASTERS. This exciting new 3D simulation will feature five of the greatest roller coasters on the planet, as well as a virtual coaster workshop in which players can build and experience their very own thrill rides and challenge themselves in the scenario-based game mode. Featured in WORLD'S GREATEST COASTERS are some of the longest, fastest, most thrilling rides on the planet, including the "Pepsi Max Big One" in Blackpool, England, "Tonerre" and "Zeus" at Parc Asterix in France, and "The Legend" in Indiana, USA. Each 3D environment has been meticulously modeled after the actual amusement park setting that surround the roller coasters, from the nearby waterways on the horizon right down to the speed and g-force of the coasters themselves. Gameplay in WORLD'S GREATEST COASTERS features powerful coaster building tools that make it simple to build mind boggling coasters, from classic wooden coasters to ultra-modern inverted thrill rides. Multiple gameplay modes allow players to either build without restrictions in Free Mode, or test themselves further in dozens of challenging scenarios, taking into account such factors as new technologies, multiple environments, building under a budget and more. WORLD'S GREATEST COASTERS was developed by Virtual Playground, and will hit stores across North America by early November 2002 at an expected price of $19.99. It has been rated "E for Everyone" by the ESRB.