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Taffy Ent. Completes Deal with Wiesner Products for Dive Olly Dive

The MoonScoop Group's Taffy Ent. has new apparel and footwear deals with Kids With Character and Wiesner Products, Inc., respectively. The new licensing agreements are focused on DIVE OLLY DIVE!, the environmentally-conscious preschool series from Taffy Entertainment and Mike Young Productions that airs on PBS Sprout in the U.S.

Kids with Character, a children's wear company, will market an extensive line of OLLY-themed children's outerwear, swim and sportswear, t-shirts, hats, headbands, sunglasses and more. Wiesner Products, Inc. will create and market a complete line of athletic and beach footwear, boots, sandals, slippers, slipper socks and more.

DIVE OLLY DIVE! follows the fun-filled underwater escapades of Olly and Beth, two young research submarines-in-training. The two live in a deep-sea research center known as S.U.R.F. -- the Special Underwater Research Facility, where they experience the joys and challenges of life in their underwater world, much in the same way that preschoolers experience life in their world. Created using the latest advances in high-definition 3D CGI animation, the series features an incredibly lifelike underwater world, along with storylines that educate children on the delicate nature of the ecosystems that exist beneath the oceans.

DIVE OLLY DIVE! is a co-production of Mike Young Productions Limited (MYP), Flying Bark Productions of Australia, KI.KA, ARD of Germany, Telegael of Ireland and GDC. Created by Andrew and Ian Ross, it is produced with the support of the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Community.