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TAB Kids Teaches Kids to Animate

Digital Video released TAB Kids, a software tool that introduces kids to the animation process.

Based on Toonz technology, TAB kids allows kids to create a cartoon using a user- friendly interface based on graphical elements instead of menus and commands. Any task can be performed by simply operating on icons and buttons that are self-explanatory, and by following simple steps that come from the professional production workflow. Features include:

* Draw your characters and other animation elements by using a wide range of drawings and modeling tools and taking advantage of the graphic tablet support. * Color your drawings with any color you like, including textures and fancy styles for changing the outline and the painted areas. * Animate your drawings by modeling them, or moving and transforming a selected portion; set positions at different frames to automatically move animation elements around. * Compose your animation by repeating and adding drawings; overlap elements up to four different layers.* Add images, such as pictures or drawings made with other software, and import a soundtrack to complete your cartoon. * Export your animation the way you prefer: use the Macromedia Flash format to publish it on your website; use the QuickTime format to have a video clip; use the 3GP format to play it on your mobile phone; shoot or print a single frame to grab a picture for any other use.

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