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TAB Kids 3.1 Software Released

TABCO Inc. and Digital Video have released TAB Kids 3.1, the new version of a software tool that smoothly introduces kids to the animation world in a funny and intuitive way.

The TAB Kids is a friendly and colorful software for kids to create animations and cartoons. It is so easy that any kid can use it with spectacular results, and yet it is powerful, as it relies on the Toonz technology developed for the industry to produce feature films and television series.

The new version has been designed to ease the making of animation, simplifying the existing tools and adding new funny options, such as the possibility to increase the frame speed and to enhance easily the libraries with images and soundtracks.

The TAB kids allows to kick-start the creation of a cartoon thanks to its user-friendly interface based on graphical elements instead of menus and commands. Any task can be performed by simply operating on self-explanatory icons and buttons, and by following steps that come from the professional production workflow.

Thanks to Tab KIDS 3.1 the your users will be able to:

-- Draw characters and other animation elements by using a wide range of drawing and modeling tools and taking advantage of the graphic tablet support.-- Color drawings with any color they like, including textures and fancy styles for changing the outline and the painted areas.-- Animate drawings by modeling them, or moving and transforming a selected portion; set positions at different frames to automatically move animation elements around.-- Compose animation by repeating and adding drawings; overlap elements up to four different layers-- Add images and import a soundtrack.-- Export animation the way they prefer: use the Macromedia Flash format to publish it on the Web; use the QuickTime format to have a video clip; use the 3GP format to play it on mobile phones; shoot or print a single frame to grab a picture for any other use.