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T3 Helmer Dives into Sub-Mariner

Jonathan Mostow (TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES) has boarded Universal Pictures long-in-development comicbook adaptation of Marvels SUB-MARINER, reports VARIETY. Mostow will rewrite the script and direct.

Created by Bill Everett in April 1939, the comic told the tale of a young man who learns that he's a descendant of Atlantis, eventually becoming a key player in a war between the underwater world and the land dwelling world, which is all he has known.

Misher Films Kevin Misher will produce along with Marvel Studios. Shepherding the project will be Universals Peter Cramer and Marvels Kevin Feige. David Self penned a previous version of the screenplay.

Like the Human Torch and Captain America, Sub-Mariner originally premiered in Timely Comics characters.

Back in 2004, Chris Columbus and his 1492 Prods. were attached to the film.

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