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Sword In The Stone & Bedknobs Arrive On DVD

Buena Vista Home Entertainment is releasing remastered versions of THE SWORD IN THE STONE and BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS on VHS and DVD on March 20, 2001. THE SWORD IN THE STONE is Disney's humorous rendition of the King Arthur tale directed by four of Disney's Nine Old Men Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnson, Milt Kahl and John Lounsbery. The SWORD DVD will feature the Mickey Mouse short THE BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR, the Goofy short KNIGHT FOR A DAY, the MUSIC MAGIC featurette on the Sherman Brothers song writing team, an episode of Disney's 1950s TV show ALL ABOUT MAGIC, behind-the-scenes concept art, "Higitus Figitus" and "That's What Makes The World Go Around" sing along and French and Spanish language tracks. BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS is Disney's award-winning live-action/animated musical which has three children teaming with a witch-in-training (Angela Lansbury) to find an incantation to save England from hostile invaders during World War II. The film took home the Oscar in 1971 for special visual effects. The film features music by the famed Sherman Brothers. The DVD will contain the Mickey Mouse short THE WORM TURNS, the Donald Duck short THE VANISHING PRIVATE, the MUSIC MAGIC featurette on the Sherman Brothers song writing team, a still photo recreation of the deleted "A Step In The Right Direction" sequence, behind-the-scenes concept art, theatrical trailers, the Portobello recording session featuring David Tomlinson and French and Spanish subtitles. Both films will sell for US$22.99 on VHS and $29.99 on DVD.

Read Animation World Magazine's Sibling Songs: Richard & Robert Sherman And Their Disney Tunes to learn more about the famed career of the Sherman Brothers.

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