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Sway Goes Flying For California Utilities

Sway digital studio has completed work on "Flying," an energy conservation spot for California Utilities via Grey Worldwide. The 30-second spot, directed by Sway partners Michael Adamo and Mark Glaser, features colorful computer generated clothing flying through a scenic black and white, Ansel Adams-inspired, California landscape. Conceptualized by Grey senior art director Art Weeks, "Flying" was designed to promote a new series of high-efficiency washers. The spot opens with what appears to be a flock of birds flying over a California river valley. As the camera moves closer, the flock makes a turn toward the camera revealing that it is really a collection of flying shirts and other garments. The camera follows the flock as it makes its way to its final destination, a Whirlpool HE-3 washer perched upon a coastal rock above the Pacific Ocean. The spot marks Adamo and Glasers debut as a directorial team. Adamo storyboarded the spot and Glaser brought it to life through pre-vis. Once the pre-vis was approved, Glaser, who also served as VFX supervisor, created the photo-real landscapes using still photos applied to 3D models to create digital environments through which the clothing and camera fly. The one live-action shot was of the beach setting. Sway added additional rock formations in the water, the CG washing machine and a digital sky. Additional credits on the spot go to Boxer Films for the live-action and A52 for post production.