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Swatch & AtomFilms Launch Flash Talent Search

On Tuesday, May 2, 2000, Swatch, a world leading watch producer, and AtomFilms, a leader in Internet entertainment, announced a partnership to seek independent creative talent for an animated Swatch "Internet Time" ad campaign. The jointly organized competition is open to Flash animators from around the globe. Winners will help Swatch develop an Internet communication campaign. Peter Fonda, two-time Academy Award nominee, will join Swatch and AtomFilms as one of the advisory judges for the contest. "As a film producer, writer, director and actor, I think it is vital to support the work of young artists," Fonda said. "This partnership between Swatch and AtomFilms is important because it encourages young filmmakers to think in a new way, to focus on the emerging power of the Internet in film arts." The Flash entries should focus on Internet Time, the universal time system invented by Swatch. Swatch Internet Time is new global time concept created by Swatch. The day is divided into 1000 "Beats," each one measuring 1 minute 26.4 seconds. The point of reference is the meridian in Biel, Switzerland where the Internet Day begins at midnight. The result is that it is the same number of Beats everywhere. The current Internet Time is shown by @ plus three digits, ranging from @000 to @999. Entries will be hosted on so those Web surfers that visit AtomFilms can vote for the winners. "Companies around the globe will have to start looking seriously at the Internet for talent, and we are proud to lead this wave," said Nick Hayek Jr., president of Swatch. "Swatch, as a pioneer, is committed to its creative roots by developing more exclusive artist connections. Besides our close relationship with artists, we are also actively cooperating with other companies and AtomFilms, which is an international incubator for filmmaker and animator creativity." For more information visit Web: or

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