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Susanne Schosser leaves RTL for EM.TV

Hugely successful program director Susanne Schosser is exiting Super RTL and will be moving to EM.TV on April 1, 2005 to succeed of Dr. Matthias Schulze who is leaving the company at his own request. Together with Patrick Elmendorff she will be responsible for the management of both EM.TV subsidiaries EM.Entertainment GmbH and Junior.TV GmbH & Co. KG. Schosser will be responsible for production, program acquisition and national sales.

With Susanne Schosser, we are very pleased to have been able to appoint an excellent and experienced program expert for our company, said Werner E. Klatten, chairman of the management board of EM.TV AG. In addition to our international sales competence attributable to Patrick Elmendorff, our aim is also to extend our production competence further in the next few years and to promote our business in the home entertainment sector. Junior, our pay-TV channel on the Premiere platform, will also receive additional impulses. This top-class appointment demonstrates our objective of providing new impulses in the children and youth program sector in its new vehicle of EM.Entertainment GmbH. At the same time, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Matthias Schulze for his long-term and successful collaboration, particularly with the restructuring of the Junior sector.

Schosser started her TV industry career in 1989 with TaurusFilm GmbH & Co. KG where she was responsible for press work and sales in the series department. She moved to CLT Deutschland, in 1994, where she was in charge of the development and management of the program sector (acquisition and editorship) in the Super RTL project group and later the channel when it began broadcasting in April 1995. The next year, Schosser was appointed as program director for the TV station, the market leader amongst children and youth channels in Germany. She primarily focused on the development of co-productions in the animation sector and the production of Super RTLs own formats.

Schulze joined EM.TV in January 2001 as the sole managing director of Junior.TV GmbH & Co. KG. Based on his initiative, the company concluded an extensive program delivery contract with KI.KA and the volume contract with Universal Family Entertainment for the home entertainment sector. Schulze played a major part in negotiations with KirchMedia to acquire the remaining 50% holding in Junior.TV GmbH & Co. KG, as well as securing the legal rights arising from the insolvency assets of KirchMedia. He was also involved in extending the transmission of the Junior channel on Premiere until 2009.